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Contact PWR_FAN on the motherboard

In the articles on connecting the front panel and turning on the board without a button, we touched upon the issue of peripheral connectors. Today we want to talk about one particular, which is signed as PWR_FAN. What kind of contacts and what to connect to them Contacts with the name PWR_FAN can be found on almost any motherboard.

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Sepia effect in Photoshop

We ask an easy question and answer it just as easily. How can you create sepia by pressing a couple of buttons? In this article, we will try to create sepia using various methods. We understand the concept of sepia In general, what is a sepia? Sepia is a special shade of brown paint taken from cuttlefish.

Connecting a PS4 game console to a monitor without HDMI

Unfortunately, not all users have the opportunity to update their monitors, so many continue to work on existing ones, whose characteristics are already a bit outdated. One of the main drawbacks of the old equipment is the lack of an HDMI connector, which sometimes complicates the connection of certain devices, including the PS4.

How to use the program for downloading torrents uTorrent

The most popular type of file sharing is the BitTorrent network, and the most common client of this network is the uTorrent program. This application has won recognition due to the simplicity of work in it, the versatility and high speed of downloading files. Let's find out how to use the main functions of the uTorrent torrent client.

Software to extract music from video

Sometimes you only need to get audio from a video. For this perfect special software that will do it almost instantly. In addition, such programs offer additional features, which we will also discuss. In this article, we will look at several representatives, analyze their functionality.

Proper opening of the power supply from the laptop

Over time, the power adapter from the laptop may come to a standstill, requiring repair with a preliminary analysis. Further in this article we will tell about everything you need to know to open the power supply from almost any laptop. We disassemble the notebook power supply Unlike a personal computer, laptops are equipped with a much smaller system of power supply components.

Convert WAV music to MP3

Sometimes you want to transfer audio files to the WAV MP3 format, most often due to the fact that it takes a lot of disk space or to play in an MP3 player. In such cases, you can use specialized online services that are able to carry out this conversion, which saves you from installing additional applications on your PC.

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Saving photos from Instagram to iPhone

Instagram is a popular resource for sharing photos and videos between users from different parts of the world. Sometimes in the tape you can see beautiful and aesthetic photos that you want to keep on your device for further viewing. Saving photos from Instagram to iPhone Standard Instagram application for iPhone does not provide such a function as saving your own and others photos and videos.

Software for creating logos

Creating a logo is the first step in creating your own corporate image. Not surprisingly, the drawing of the corporate image took shape in the whole graphic industry. Professional development of logos is done by illustrators using special sophisticated software. But what if a person wants to develop his own logo without spending money and time on its development?

Solving the problem of stuttering sound in Windows 10

Many users of Windows 10 face various disruptions in sound reproduction. The problem may be system or hardware breakdowns, which should be clarified. If the device itself is not so difficult to figure out, then in order to solve software problems you will need to go through several methods.

Learning to add formulas in Microsoft Word

We have already written quite a lot about the capabilities of the advanced text editor MS Word, but it’s simply impossible to list them all. The program, which is primarily focused on working with text, is not limited to this. Lesson: How to make a diagram in Word Sometimes working with documents means not only textual, but also numerical content.

Turning off the webcam on the laptop

Most modern laptops have a built-in webcam. After installing the drivers, it is always in working mode and is available for use by all applications. Sometimes some users do not want their camera to work all the time, so they are looking for a way to turn it off. Today we will explain how to do this and describe how to turn off the webcam on a laptop.

How to turn off the iPhone without the power button

To turn off the iPhone on the case provides a physical button "Power". However, today we will consider the situation when you need to turn off the smartphone without resorting to its help. Turning on the iPhone without the "Power" button Unfortunately, the physical keys on the case are often subject to breakage. And even if the power button is not functioning, you can completely deactivate the phone using one of two methods.

Solving problems with the inability to start TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a very useful and functional program. Sometimes users are faced with the fact that it stops running wonder why. What to do in such cases and why is this happening? Let's figure it out. Solving the problem with the launch of the program. This can happen for several reasons.

Changing the TTL value in Windows 10

Information between devices and servers is transmitted by sending packets. Each such packet contains a certain amount of information sent at one time. Packet life is limited, so they can't wander around forever. Most often, the value is indicated in seconds, and after a predetermined period of time the information "dies", and it does not matter whether it reached the point or not.

Smart Defrag

When any files hit the hard disk or any other storage medium, the data fragments are not recorded sequentially, but randomly. To work with them hard drive has to spend a lot of time and resources. Defragmentation will help create a clear file system structure, sequentially record the data of each program or a single large file to achieve the highest speed of the hard disk and wear its mechanical parts when reading information.

How to create a group of VKontakte on the iPhone

VKontakte is a popular social network in which millions of users find interesting groups for themselves: with informative publications, distributing goods or services, communities of interest, etc. It’s easy to create your own group - for this you need an iPhone and the official app.

Snapseed Photo Editor

Snapseed is originally a mobile photo editor that was later acquired by Google. She implemented its online version and offers to edit images uploaded to the Google Photos service with its help. The functionality of the editor was significantly reduced, compared with the mobile version, and only a few of the most necessary operations were left.

Solving the problem of sharing a printer

Turning on printer sharing is necessary when it is used across multiple computer accounts. In most cases, this procedure is successful, but sometimes an error appears at number 0x000006D9. It indicates that it is impossible to complete the operation.